Preventive Maintenance

Driving your Car over Steven’s Pass Safely This Winter

dangerous snowy road steven's pass mountain

We in the Puget Sound have plenty of reason to cross the mountains of Steven’s Pass now and again. Whether visiting family for the holidays, or heading up for some powder, everybody wants to get there and back – safe and sound. That means everybody needs to have a car that can handle the mountain…

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FREE Auto Service Records on the Cloud

Owner Auto Site dashboard

FREE Electronic Service Records for Life With East Urban Auto Service being in the heart of  the Eastsides’s technology industry we’re always looking for ways to make automotive service and repair fit our customers’ busy schedules. As such we’re proud to be a part of the Mitchell 1 network which allows us to offer all…

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Preventative Car Maintenance Tips for Rainy Days

white car needing preventative car maintenance skids and hydroplanes in heavy puget sound puddle

If you’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest any real amount of time, you know that it’s not all rain and gloom. We have beautiful summers with bright sunshine and the occasional gentle breeze. But that makes the roads all the more dangerous when the rains finally start back up in mid-September. The plentiful rainwater soaks…

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Back to School Tune-Ups for your College Student’s Car

college students ruin car with sledgehammer

If there’s one thing college students don’t do well as a group, it’s taking care of their stuff. They trash their rental homes, they bring their laundry home to wash, and lose their cell phones. This also applies to their vehicles – students wear them out and neglect to maintain or repair them for months…

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How To Prevent Engine Overheating

How to prevent engine overheating

What Causes Engine Overheating? The continued heating up and cooling down of your engine causes the metals to expand and contract. Over time this process can create system failures. Engine Overheating however is most commonly caused by coolant loss. This is most likely due to a leak in the coolant system. Please follow and like us:

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How To Get Your Vehicle Ready for Summer Driving

Preventive maintenance is key in the summer heat.

This is a common question with pretty easy answers. Summer driving can be the most enjoyable time of year, but to ensure that here are a few things to do.Start by getting a vehicle inspection. Here at East Urban Auto Service we would gladly perform this for free. Things we would be looking for specific…

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Replacing Timing Belt

How To Replace a Timing Belt

When Should I Replace My Timing Belt? Almost all manufactures have a specific mileage that  require the timing belt to be changed. They vary based on the make and model. Some recommend replacement as early as 60k and others can go as long as 105K. The Timing belt mileage for replacement is  usually at a…

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How to make Tires Last!

Tire wear patterns indicate bigger problems.

There are many things that can contribute to tire life and performance. Tire pressure is among the most important yet easiest to do. A properly inflated tire can have a variety of affects from tire wear and handling to gas mileage. Keeping a tire gauge in the glove box and getting into a routine of…

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